Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This Week's Work : Week 13 - for Inquisitive Young Mathletes

First, review target level questions you got wrong last week and practice counting systematically.

Right triangle inscribed in a circle proof from Khan Academy

Review 30-60-90 special right triangle from AOPS and practice getting the two legs/hypotenuse fast.

Review 45-45-90 special right triangle from AOPS

The harder questions are the ones when given the length to the 60 degree of the 30-60-90 special right triangle or
the length to the 90 degree of the 45-45-90 special right triangle so make sure you can get them fast and right.

practice here  (instant feedback)

more practices (instant feedback)

See if you can solve all these questions as they are countdown problems.
(hint : lots of Pythagorean triples or applicable special right triangle ratio concept)

from Regents prep (high school level)

Videos/articles on math for this week:


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