Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mass Points Geometry

Some of the harder/hardest questions at Mathcounts can be tackled at ease using mass point geometry
so spend some time understanding it.

Mass Point Geometry : This one is easier to understand with questions that have detailed solutions.

Mass Point Geometry : another link for basics

This year's Mathcounts handbook Mass Point Geometry Stretch
from page 39 to page 40

(Talking about motivation, yes, there are students already almost finish
this year's Mathcounts' handbook harder problems.)

From Wikipedia

From AoPS

Mass Point Geometry by Tom Rike

Mass Points by Kevin An

Videos on Mass Point :


Mass Point Geometry Part I 

Mass Point Geometry : Split Masses Part II 

Mass Point Geometry : Part III 

Monday, September 8, 2014

2015 Mathcounts State/National Prep

Harder concepts from Mathcounts Mini :
Also try the follow-up problems with detailed solutions. Don't do every question. Just the ones you think is hard.

Geometry :
#27 : Area and Volume 

#30: Similar Triangles and Proportional Reasoning

#34: Circles and Right Triangles

#35: Using Similarity to Solve Geometry Problems

#41: Analytic Geometry : Center of Rotation

More questions to practice from my blog post. 

From Mathcounts Mini : Video tutorials on counting and probability for Mathcounts state/national prep concepts are in the of difficulty.

Counting the Number of Subsets of a Set

Constructive Counting

More Constructive Counting 

Probability and Counting

Probability with Geometry Representations  : Oh dear, the second half part is hilarious.

Probability with Geometry Representations : solution to the second half problem from previous video

Try this one from 1998 AIME #9. It's not too bad.

From Mathcounts Mink : Center of rotation, equal distance from a point to other two points or two lines, angle bisector (last problem on the follow-up worksheet)

Mathcounts Mini : #41 - Analytic Geometry