Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Mathcounts State Prep : Angle Bisect and Trisect Questions

Proof : 
2y = 2x + b (exterior angle = the sum of the other two interior angles)
--- equation I

y = x + a (same reasoning as above)
--- equation II

Plug in the first equation and you have
2y = 2x + 2a = 2x + b

2a = b

Here is the link to the Angle Bisector Theorem, including the proof and one example.

Angle ABC and ACB are both trisected into three congruent angles of x and y respectively. 
If given angle "a" value, find angle c and angle b.  

Solution: 3x + 3y = 180 - a

From there, it's very easy to find the value of x + y
and get angle c, using 180 - (x + y).

Also, once you get 2x + 2y, you can use the same method -- 180 - (2x + 2y) to get angle b

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