Friday, September 23, 2016

First week's review reminders

For 16-17 Mathcounts handbook :

Warm-up 1 : review #3, 7, 9.
Think of ways to get these questions in seconds.

Warm-up 2 : review 17,18,19,20 -- slow down on #18, similar types are very easy to
get wrong the first try

direct and inverse relationship 

From AoPS videos :
Instructions for reviewing 

2014 School Rounds link here 

Sprint : 

#18 (trial and error are faster), #20 (loose pennies out first)
#22, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30 -- Read the solutions and make sure to fully understand
what major concept(s) is (are) tested -- these are not hard problems.

Target : 

#1 : Calendar questions could be tricky, so slow down a bit.
       Check what stage it starts first.

#2 : WOW, this one is a killer, so tedious -- hard to get it right the first time. 

# 3 and 4 are in seconds questions.

# 5: One line, two numbers and you are done.
       With a calculator, you don't even need to write anything down, right?  :)

#6 : more interesting question

#7 and 8 : standard questions, not hard, just need to be careful and thorough.

Team : 

# 2, 3, 5, 6 (very tedious, I suggest skipping first)
8, 9 (more tedious than 8 and 10, so don't work on problems in order), and
#10 (very easy if you've noticed what is actually tested) It's in seconds question. 

Agai, scan those questions and only try those that are your weak spots or marked red.

Please check the solution files I'd sent you to learn the better methods.

Whenever you have extra time, use the other links (individually based) to keep learning.

Keep me posted. Have fun at problem solving.

Don't just do math.  :) 

Math related video : Making Stuff Faster
which includes "The Travelling Salesman Problem" and a competition between an astrophysicist and a paleontologist on how to move passengers boarding the planes faster 😊

Good luck, from Mrs. Lin 

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