Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Mathcounts State/National Prep

Harder concepts from Mathcounts Mini :
Also try the follow-up problems with detailed solutions. Don't do every question. Just the ones you think is hard.

Geometry :
#27 : Area and Volume 

#30: Similar Triangles and Proportional Reasoning

#34: Circles and Right Triangles

#35: Using Similarity to Solve Geometry Problems

#41: Analytic Geometry : Center of Rotation

More questions to practice from my blog post. 

From Mathcounts Mini : Video tutorials on counting and probability for Mathcounts state/national prep concepts are in the of difficulty.

Counting the Number of Subsets of a Set

Constructive Counting

More Constructive Counting 

Probability and Counting

Probability with Geometry Representations  : Oh dear, the second half part is hilarious.

Probability with Geometry Representations : solution to the second half problem from previous video

Try this one from 1998 AIME #9. It's not too bad.

From Mathcounts Mink : Center of rotation, equal distance from a point to other two points or two lines, angle bisector (last problem on the follow-up worksheet)

Mathcounts Mini : #41 - Analytic Geometry